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Missouri is one of the few states that has made formal legislation dealing with paid fantasy sports. The Missouri Fantasy Consumer Protection Act states that "no fantasy sports contest operator shall offer any fantasy sports contest in Missouri without first being licensed by the commission". This means that you can play safely, legally and with protection . That being said, you can be absolutely sure that daily fantasy betting in Missouri is safe and secure, and that you will get any of your potential winnings payed without a hitch. Check out my recommended Missouri daily fantasy sports sites below. Gambling Laws in Missouri The history of Missouri gambling laws has mostly seen restriction and prohibition of betting in the state. However, there are ways for you to gamble legally in MO. You can play on board riverboat casinos, or place pari-mutuel bets as long as you are at a state fair. This is because specific charitable bets are permitted. The legalization of the state lottery in 1985 was done for the same reason. As mentioned above, you can also play paid fantasy sports legally in the state. These games were formally legalized and come under the jurisdiction of the Missouri Gaming Commission. Missouri Sports Betting There is bad news here. There are no legal Missouri sports betting sites, and any operators offering these services are working outside the law. The only sports bets you can place are either on fantasy sports sites or pari-mutuel wagers at state fairs. For more details, you can refer to our page about Missouri sports betting. Missouri Online Casinos While you can play slots and table games on riverboat casinos in MO, online casinos in Missouri are strictly banned. This also means that as a resident of the state, you are not allowed to access out of state sites on which to place bets. There does not currently seem to be any political will to change this fact.Missouri Poker Just as with online casinos in Missouri, online poker is strictly prohibited. While some advocates of the game argue that it is a game of skill, and therefore does not constitute gambling, the state does not see it that way. So, for the time being at least, you cannot legally play in an online poker room.Missouri Lottery Though not the first state to set up a lottery by any means, the Missouri Lottery has been running since 1985 and has directly contributed to funding the state's education programs since 1994. You cannot buy tickets online, unfortunately, so you will need to find a participating store in the state. However, we've created a Missouri lottery page which might be of help if you want to know more on the matter.

– Karamba – 96. You can find operators with large portfolios of card games and lots of tables with wide betting ranges to suit your needs, as well as offering welcome bonuses with fair wagering conditions.

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