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You or your supplier sends the products to Amazon's fulfillment warehouses. Amazon receives them and takes care of storage and inventory. They are committed to protecting your items. If anything gets broken, they will reimburse the full retail price. Landing costs

can you make money on amazon mechanical turk, I have no idea --- chii No, but you can make money on amazon. ------ zanny I'm not sure that I would call it 'amazing'. I'm more of an 'I can't believe it' kind of person. I have a hard time believing Amazon will be a net seller anytime soon. --- zeteo Not sure why you're being downvoted, it's not just Amazon. It seems like everyone is either in this space, or in this "I don't know what I'm doing" camp. --- lucian1900 The market for cheap amazon products has already been saturated. I don't think you can be in a niche market, with the best products, with the cheapest products, and expect that your profit will be significant. There are many products out there that are much cheaper than what Amazon would make. --- zeteo Sure, and I'm aware of the same. But what I'm saying is that I don't think that Amazon's offering is a good one, and it certainly doesn't seem like the kind of thing where they would be successful. ------ jeffjeff If you don't mind, can you explain how you will find customers? What will you do when you need money from them? --- zeteo I will not charge a fee to my customers. ------ cpeterso Is there any way to make a buck off of amazon without paying a subscription fee? --- zeteo I don't want to do this without a customer base, but I want to be able to pay customers. So no, I don't want to pay a subscription fee. ------ hga I'm wondering how many of you will be reading this thread. Do you know how to sell things on amazon? I'd like to know because I'm about to try out my startup that sells "low priced books". It has some free shipping, and a cheap price. --- cpeterso I can't sell anything until I get some customers. But I do have a bunch of experience and a couple books on Amazon. 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