Who We Are

Arabian Yemen Cement Company Limited (AYCCL) is a limited company with an announced capital USD 100 million and total cost USD 250 million, it was established to cater the need for cement to national and international markets.  All raw materials necessary for cement manufacturing are fulfilled from areas near to Mukalla city.

The idea of AYCCL was adopted by Engineer / Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, a well-known businessman in Yemen and Saudi Arabia, who has worked to develop the idea by making the required technical studies through a company with a reputation and global experience in the field of cement projects around the world. Accordingly, on 2/6/2006 establishment process was started in which the experimental production was on December 2009 to be one of the core projects contributing to the infrastructure development and economic growth in the region

Location: The Company’s Production Plant and Administration Head Office Lie about 60 km north of Mukalla city, capital of Hadhramout governorate , in Al-Ayoon district, the total area is estimated 22.150 square kilometer, the site was selected for its availability of raw materials which have long-term reservation, purity , softness , solidity and cost effective in construction.

Products: AYCCL main activity is to produce bulk and packed ordinary Portland cement (OPC) as well as sulphate resistant cement (SRC) as per Yemeni specification standards that meet US specifications ASTM-C150 and European EN197CEII. AYCCL’s cements have successfully passed all tests required by the Yemeni Authority for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control.

Production capacity: AYCCL production capacity is approximately 1.5 00<00 tons per annum.

Technology: the company possesses the most modern German technology of machinery and equipment in aspects as cement production, technical issues, power generation and process control to achieve the qualitative features of the outstanding quality of cement by means of the latest computerized systems and Automated control systems (robot) that are used for the first time in cement manufacturing to ensure the highest degrees of accuracy and quality control of all cement production operations.