Human Resources

Human resources is one of the most important departments in any foundation, it is the sector responsible for all activities aiming at promoting the human cadre to attain the highest level of functionality and increase the efficiency besides effectiveness of production in order to accomplish the company’s goals represented by participating in social evolution and increasing the company’s share in the market

We strongly believe that excellent human resources is cable to make the difference, in which the outstanding brilliant persons are the key factor of societies ‘development. We realize that any creation is basically social, thus we strive to provide a creative atmosphere for all AYCCL staff so that the outcome of their ideas and creations becomes real.

 We in Arabian Yemen Cement company Limited search for people who are open to new, qualified and talented and provide them with the proper work environment and the latest technology including means of empowerment to ensure their progress and innovation ,for we are always keen to develop creativity and community partnership values.