On the basis of paying attention to human cadre as the most valuable asset of the company, Arabian Yemen Cement Company Limited has adopted to give absolute priority to develop its cadres by providing mutatis training and re-skilling in order to promote their skills in various fields.

Believing in the concept of social contribution, AYCCL has sought to expand the training limits for its local cadres exceeding its interests by involving society in the various training programs for the betterment of its cadres and as a participation to advance progress and prosperity, consequently, to achieve what has adopted, the company has focused on the development and modernization of the training programs to keep up with the ongoing global development.

In continuation of the approach of development and training of society and its cadres, AYCCL has worked to create specialized training programs aiming at society development, contributing thereby to the scientific / practical sophistication of local cadres, the company established training programs for new graduates as well as individuals under graduation in addition to other programs that aspire to push forward the progress of society and cadres.